Dave started teaching songwriting at the Conservatorium UTAS Hobart 2 days a week and continuing at NMIT (23 years). Started recording and finished a project called "Up" with Sarah Cowan of their songs.


Dave and Regina
Dave with Regina Tamuzs
Dave with his sons Tom and Michael
Dave with his sons Tom and Michael
Wayman clan
The Wayman Clan


During all these years Dave has Co-written with many other writers. His Co-writers include:

Ed Bates

Shannon Bourne

Glenn Blair

Terry Bradford

Regina Buraczewska

Phil Carroll

Sarah Cowan

Steve Dillon

Josephine Fisher

Robbie Grieg

Victor Kazan


Annie Kennedy

Rachael Kennedy

Anthony Leonard

Margaret McClaren

Cliff Mc Qualey

Steve Paix

Carl Pannuzzo

Enio Pozzebon

Rick Pilskalns

Rob Sedky

Damien Smith

Mr. Timothy

Paul Wookey

Marcel Yammouni