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Featuring Sarah Cowan, Dave Wayman, James Clark, Kristin Rule, Phil Carroll, Ed Bates, Steve Grant, Robyn Paine, Greg Oleary, Andy Swan, Shannon Bourne, Mike Jordan, Tim Shaw, Indra Buraczewska


Sarah Cowan and Dave Wayman

Released 2011.


1. Dancing With Holes In Our Shoes

2. Men (The Internet Dating Song)

3. Birrarung

4. Madness (A Songwriters Lament)

5. Sweet Miss Invisible

6. Up

7. Spring Again

8. You Gotta Move

9. Little Red Fergie And I

10. Chapel Street

11. Dear Friend

12. Hold Tight, Don't Speak, Trust Time


$25 (includes postage)




The Minatour's Lament


Featuring Dave Wayman, James Clark, Kristin Rule, Phil Carroll, Enio Pozzebon,
Indra Buraczewska


Dave Wayman

Released 2006.


1. Dark Waters

2. Regina's Tango

3. I start to shake

4. Trapped by the moon

5. La vida es un tango

6. In love in doubt

7. Desire

8. Dreadlock tango

9. Don't speak

10. Seduction

11. Poison Tango

12. Widawska's couch

13. Sienna

14. You can steal


$25 (includes postage)