In 2000 he started writing songs with another major collaborator Sarah Cowan. In 2004 Ian McNamara included "The Land That We Love" another Wayman/Bradford song on the" Australia All Over", CD. This song was originally written for a television Ad for Beechworth Bakeries, this Ad was on high rotation for over two years. In the last years of the naughties Dave wrote songs for a Melbourne Comedy festival show with Josephine Fisher, worked and co-written on two CD's with Paul Wookey, co-written a CD for country singer Rachael Kennedy, and co-written songs on guitarist Shannon Bourne's first CD and co-written most of his second CD (2009) "Dark Things", and co-written songs with Annie Kennedy for her debut CD "Life After Chocolate", as well as co-writing a tango CD called "The Minotaur's Lament" with accordionist Phil Carroll for the band "Dark Waters Tango".


Dave performing with Dark Waters Tango
Dave with James Clark (Bass) and Steve Grant (Trumpet)
Dave performing with John Rasmussen, Greg O'Leary and Phil Carroll


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