Dave Wayman was born in and has worked mostly from Melbourne, Australia. Over his career he has been a songwriter, performing artist, lyricist, lecturer in songwriting, a music teacher, CD producer, an MC, and even done small parts in films and television. With his songwriting he has written across many styles both by himself and with quite a number of co-writers. Dave has written for cabaret acts, radio and TV ads, folk acts, poetry bands, country singers, swing /jazz groups, tango bands, children and adult musicals and rock groups.

Career highlights
  • My 40 plus years of the passion, joy, torture and pride journey of being a songwriter (wouldn't change it for anything)!
  • Working with so many wonderful musicians over the years playing my songs
  • "Traffic Jam" a song that Terry Bradford and I wrote becoming the most played song across Australia on the ABC network 1996
  • Being voted as one of the top 10 jazz CD's of the year 1996
  • Working on the musical "Atlantis" with Victor Kazan, Kevin Purcell, Steve Dillon, Steve Peux and King Stephens
  • Having the (Bradford / Wayman) Black Taxi song "Shoes" used on the ABC most requested CD in 1998 Writing two comedy festival shows with Josephine Fisher (Mistress Josephine) in 2004 and 2005
  • Having Songs from the tango CD used in an Australian Independent movie
  • "Shoes" used in a documentary about Collins Street's fashion Industry.
  • Being nominated for an ARIA for best light contemporary record for "Black Taxi", "Taken For A Ride" 1996
  • Sharing my love of songwriting with many students of both NMIT and UTAS over the years.
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