Dave Wayman was born in and has worked mostly from Melbourne, Australia. Over his career he has been a songwriter, performing artist, lyricist, lecturer in songwriting, a music teacher, CD producer, an MC, and even done small parts in films and television. With his songwriting he has written across many styles both by himself and with quite a number of co-writers. Dave has written for cabaret acts, radio and TV ads, folk acts, poetry bands, country singers, swing /jazz groups, tango bands, children and adult musicals and rock groups.


Dave loved the idea of being a songwriter and songwriting since he was very young and was always watching movies and reading about it. In his mid teens after starting to learn guitar he was ready to become a great songwriter. Ha Ha. Well some 200 very ordinary songs later he finally started to get the idea of what it takes and began to write some decent songs (a slow learner).

Dave Wayman and mum
Dave with his Mum
Pammy and Dave Wayman
Dave and sister Pammy
Dave Wayman 1969
Dave in 1969


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